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Build a Web site that saves time and money
and gives you control
By Sanda’s Web monkey

How much time does your Web developer spend each year making “simple” updates? How much does it cost? Over the years, Sanda has worked closely with clients to maintain their Web sites. And in our quest to help clients build sites that are easy to maintain, we developed a Web site for GE Interlogix that enables non-technical employees to add, edit and publish Web content in minutes—without our help. That means GE Interlogix will save money and time by controlling the updates themselves.

Showcasing GE ConsultantLink
Sanda worked with GE Interlogix, a manufacturer of electronic security equipment, to develop a Web site to help architects, engineers and consultants design systems using GE Interlogix equipment.

ConsultantLink's admin interface makes it easy for the client to make changes to the site on the fly.

A key feature of the site is the ability to search a database of thousands of product documents. Behind the scenes, an administrative tool that Sanda created enables the in-house team at GE Interlogix to manage all the documents themselves. Content creators can update the site quickly and easily—no need to worry about design or programming.

GE ConsultantLink: Highlights

  • Streamlined workflow: The client’s in-house team can take care of simple updates themselves in minutes—not days or hours.
  • Easy to use: Most Web pages are fragile—a small mistake can cause an entire page to collapse into a jumble. We built GE ConsultantLink so that in-house teams can easily update Web content in three easy steps: locate, edit and publish. Contributors simply log in to an administrative Web site to make updates.
  • Request more information: To discuss how you can put time and money-saving Web technology to work for your company, request a personal demonstration of the GE ConsultantLink Web site.

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Sanda Web monkey fact: Sanda Web monkeys have an instinctual habit of working closely with you to develop Web sites that meet your goals and stay within your budget. Where possible, Sanda Web monkeys build in features that give you control over minor updates—so you can use Sanda to focus on improving other sections of your Web site and expanding your Web marketing campaign, improving the value of Web marketing to your company.

Don’t settle for a static Web site that takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to update. Before you start your next Web project, please contact Sanda to learn how we can create a site that gives you control.