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GE Adds Fiber to its Diet

GE Interlogix had recently added Fiber Options to its Video Systems Group and was looking for a memorable way to educate dealers, distributors and end users. Fiber-optic cable offers a number of significant advantages for transmitting video, audio and data compared to conventional copper; GE thought dealers and distributors would be better able to sell fiber to their customers if they understood its benefits.

Fiber has been a strong selling point for cereals and other foods in recent years, and even though it's a different kind of fiber, it was enough to inspire the marketing team from Sanda and GE. To package fiber's benefits, Sanda created a detailed replica that looked just like a box of corn flakes, right down to the top-opening flap and table of Nutrition Facts—only this one compared fiber to copper cable. Inside was a letter from GE, a brochure outlining 10 reasons to use fiber over copper, and a white paper presenting options for fiber transmission.

GE took 500 of these cereal boxes to a security industry trade show, and they were a big hit—so many attendees wanted to take a box home that booth staff had to constantly put out more. GE also sent boxes to its dealers and distributors, who use them as a sales tool with customers.

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