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A Growing Arsenal of Marketing Tools

The Sanda commandos have been adding to their ranks, and with this new talent comes new capabilities. With the economy starting to pick up, you can take advantage of Sanda's expanded services arsenal to get a jump on your competition. Check out these recent projects:

Video production
Sanda produced a video to introduce the new ClearCast video surveillance system for GE Interlogix at an industry trade show. ClearCast is designed for the exacting surveillance requirements of the gaming industry, so we transformed part of our Portland office into a mini casino and video surveillance control room. Several Sanda staff joined the professional blackjack dealers and actors as the cameras rolled. In addition to depicting video surveillance in a casino, the video also included several 3-D animations to show how ClearCast works in a large, multi-building application.

Interactive multimedia
Customers increasingly want more interactive product information, and Sanda can help you give it to them—on your Web site, in a Flash presentation or a PowerPoint file. We can design a presentation that's informative, engaging and easy to navigate. We can incorporate illustrations and photos, video and sound clips as well as animation to bring your product to life.

Corporate identity
Corporate ID is an important consideration for your company. After all, your brand is how customers identify you. Does your corporate identity accurately reflect what your company does? Does it set you apart from your competitors? Is it memorable? If your company's brand could use a tune-up, Sanda can help. We can create a strong identity that will present your business consistently and memorably over a variety of marketing media.

In the competitive retail environment, packaging can make or break a product. Think about what captures your attention when you're out shopping—the package. Packaging is just as important when you're selling your company, products or capabilities to a prospective customer. Sanda can help you package your company's capabilities so they make a positive and lasting impression. Choose from a variety of presentation materials including corporate capabilities brochures, product sales sheets, press kits, presentation binders and more.

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