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Opening Doors—and Much More—for Real Estate Agents

If you've ever gone house hunting or put your own house on the market, you've probably seen those ubiquitous key boxes real estate agents use to get inside. But today's key boxes are increasingly sophisticated, especially the iBox and eKEY product lines from the Supra division of GE Interlogix.

The iBox is an intelligent key box that can communicate with an agent's PDA or Smart Phone. And with Supra's eKEY technology, agents can access listings, open key boxes and receive other client and property information wirelessly over their PDA or Smart Phone.

Supra asked Sanda to come up with an eye-catching, interactive Flash presentation that would explain how the technology works and what it can do for the real estate professional. They wanted to include video testimonials from a market test in Boise, technical specifications and descriptions of iBox and eKEY features and options. And they needed it for a trade show three weeks away.
Ordinarily, such a project would take 250 hours to complete—a little more than a month. But the Sanda team worked together to incorporate the product information and produce the visuals, as well as program and test the presentation—all in less than 2/3 of the time.

Supra had its presentation in time for the show, complete with music, animation and pictures of all the wireless devices that work with iBox and eKEY products.

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