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Sanda Communications to create interactive dealer display for GE Security

PORTLAND, Ore. - June 15, 2006 - Sanda Communications President Jerry W. Saveriano announced today the agency will develop an interactive digital display for GE Security and its dealers. The prototype digital display, to highlight GE's home security systems, will be presented to GE executives and selected dealers in late August at A&E Security in McMinnville.

"Digital signage gives dealers a flexible, dynamic tool to reach customers when they're ready to buy," Saveriano said. "Interactive demos allow customer to explore different products and can often answer many routine questions. Plus, it's faster and cheaper to make routine updates to multimedia content than it is to print new brochures and signs when there are changes to products specifications."

Because digital signage is still a developing medium, Saveriano said Sanda looked at the results retailers and other businesses have achieved. Research by Arbitron and Edison Media research showed shoppers are three times more likely to look at billboards with motion than at static signs. In some airport stores with digital signs, sales increased by up to 21 percent. Movie theater concessions equipped with digital signs averaged 30 percent better sales compared to concession locations without them. And a bank has seen a 30 percent increase in sales of products marketed on digital signs.

The August demonstration will serve as a proof-of-concept for an in-store digital display focused on home security. Sanda will develop an introductory animation, as well as a sample product display that allows users to drill down to the different types of products available, as well as more detailed information on specific models. Saveriano said the demo is designed to show the structure for a dealer's in-store display and a sample of the content.

About Sanda Communications

Sanda Communications provides marketing, advertising and public relations services to technology companies. Sanda's senior staff members have been electronics technicians and engineers, and they have consulted with technology companies around the world. Sanda is a champion for accountability in marketing, designing integrated marketing programs with built-in tools to measure effectiveness--including coded coupons, ad-specific 800 numbers and unique Internet landing pages. Key clients include GE Security, GE Consumer & Industrial, Tripod Data Systems, FOCUS Semiconductor, Linn-Benton Community College and RootX.

Sanda Communications has offices in Portland and Corvallis, Ore.

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