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Boy Scouts of America Cascade
Pacific Council

Drawing readers in with a nostalgic look back
If the Boy Scouts Cascade Pacific Council’s 2004 Annual Report looked familiar to grown-up former Boy Scouts, that was exactly the idea.

Design recalls merit badge books
To bring back memories of when today’s volunteers, leaders and donors were Scouts themselves, Sanda designed the annual report to resemble an early 1960s-era merit badge book. That included matching the layout and typography and creating a table of contents in the style of merit badge requirements. Sanda designers even gave the annual report an aged look, copying dog-eared, faded pages and smudges from actual merit badge books and incorporating them into the production art.


Nostalgia draws readers, positive comments
With its familiar format, the annual report attracted the attention of many adult leaders. It brought back memories of when they had been Scouts themselves, drawing them in to read the full report. In a letter to Sanda, the council’s program director said he had received a number of compliments on the realism of the report’s aged appearance and how it created a sense of nostalgia:

  “Just received your 2004 Annual Report. It is great. Nostalgia came over me when I picked up the Merit Badge pamphlet and immediately got a big grin on my face. Good job!”
  “What a fantastic format for the report! Brings back some musty, but great memories. It will get attention and open eyes and minds to our programs.”

The result was just what the council—and Sanda—had been looking for.