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GE Security UltraView™

GE's UltraView camera breaks through bad lighting; Sanda's Heroman campaign breaks through the clutter to launch it successfully

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GE's UltraView camera is a breakthrough in video surveillance—featuring innovative imaging technology to compensate for challenging and variable lighting conditions. Compared side-by-side against conventional surveillance cameras, the difference is remarkably clear.

The marketing challenges for Sanda were also clear: GE needed a name for the camera that would make it stand out in a crowded field. The technology itself also needed a brand name for GE, since it would be incorporated into future products. And GE needed a comprehensive marketing campaign that would break through the clutter, educate its sales channel and generate customer interest at the point of sale.

UltraView with Xposure™ technology exposes better images

Sanda considered a variety of potential brand names before hitting the mark. Because of the dramatic improvement in image quality, Sanda named the camera UltraView. Sanda named the technology Xposure because it individually exposes each pixel within the camera's field of view. As a result, Xposure technology ensures the camera captures clear, properly exposed images across a range of lighting conditions.

Superhero character generates interest, builds awareness

A breakthrough product like UltraView needs a marketing campaign that will break through the clutter and stand out against the competition. Sanda developed a new twist on a familiar character—the comic book superhero—giving UltraView a unique identity. For video surveillance, the villains were backlighting, glare, reflections and shadows that prevent users from seeing a clear picture and identifying details.

In advertising, product literature, video, direct mail, e-mail and the Web site, Sanda's Heroman character came to the rescue. Armed with his UltraView camera, he delivered a knockout punch to these archenemies of clear video, complete with "POW," "ZAP" and "BIFF" visual and sound effects. The marketing materials also featured side-by-side comparisons that showed the difference between UltraView and conventional surveillance cameras in multiple real-world environments.

Heroman promotes benefits through the sales channel

Heroman also appeared in a complete selling kit for GE's sales reps to take to their distributors. The kit contained everything GE's sales reps would need to sell UltraView to the distribution channel. A CD featured sales literature and actual video footage comparing UltraView with conventional cameras. A flip chart helped sales reps explain how Xposure technology works and the kinds of applications where it works best. And, finally, the kit included a small flash card reps could use to remember key selling points in their sales presentations. Distributors who ordered UltraView cameras in volume also received point-of-purchase displays, product cards and posters—all featuring Heroman—to draw their customers' interest and spur sales.

Small marketing investment yields 6.92 times return in dealer orders

GE spent less than $150,000 on the marketing campaign to promote UltraView through its sales channel. The result was close to $1 million in dealer orders, a return of 6.92 times GE's investment.

"Much of the success of UltraView comes from the product itself— it solves a problem that has plagued the security industry for four decades," said GE marketing manager Jason Spielfogel. "But even really exciting technology like Xposure won't generate revenue if our customers don't know about it. Sanda's integrated marketing campaign—and the memorable Heroman character—generated a strong buzz for UltraView throughout our sales channels, particularly through the distribution channel. Sanda's quick, spot-on work has helped GE capture vital market share ahead of our competition."