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A tall task and short deadline pose no problem for creating sales force tool kits

Hewlett-Packard needed to update a tool kit its sales force uses when selling service, maintenance and on-site installation packages. The 23 sales sheets and data sheets that make up the kit needed to conform to HP's new corporate design standards.

The kicker? HP wanted the job done in Microsoft Word, so its sales force could easily print files for clients while in the field.

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With in-depth knowledge, designers tackle challenge easily
Using Word for a job like this is like using a .22-calibur rifle to take out a tank. Fortunately, our designers know their tools well. By using Word's style sheets and document templates--tools common even to the big design guns like Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress--they were able to solve the problem and make minor global modifications a snap.

Word capabilities shine in delivered kits
HP understood how tall the task and how short the deadline were. But we delivered the 1,200 kits on time. Each one included a binder with the 23 sales sheets and data sheets hand-placed into plastic page protectors. The kits also included a CD containing all the documents in a Word format.

Later we showed our client contact how we built the documents, so she could teach her staff to make modifications. "I didn't know you could do that with Word!" she said.

Now she does.