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What’s a Professional Network?
Professional Networks—ProNets for short—are part of the next generation of the Internet, often called Web 2.0. These online communities are a place where people with similar interests can interact and share ideas. And businesses are using these interactive online communities as a way to stimulate two-way conversations and build relationships with customers, partners and other interested people.

How are ProNets different from other online networks?
Some of today’s hottest Internet properties—places like Facebook and
YouTube—started the trend toward social networking online. Members at these sites share their stories, pictures and videos. What’s different about ProNets are they bring together people who have a similar job or work in related industries. ProNet members build relationships with other members, and they also share their stories, pictures and videos. But their focus is on how they can do their jobs better or easier, increase their productivity or improve business processes.

What’s a ProNet got to do with my business?
A ProNet gives you an excellent opportunity to develop stronger relationships with customers, channel partners and dealers. Customers can talk back and even take control of the conversation. Interaction via blogs, videos and other tools helps generate open, honest and ongoing conversations about your company, products and services.

Why do I need a ProNet now?
Although business to business ProNets are only beginning to become popular, the history of the Internet shows it pays to plant your flag early. Sites like Amazon, eBay and Yahoo got there first and captured the lion’s share of the market. And they’ve maintained that advantage despite much more competition today. Something else to consider is the old marketing rule that it costs five times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. A useful, interactive ProNet that helps your customers work better, smarter and easier will keep them coming back. Conversely, a competitor could draw your customers’ attention—and eventually their business—if they establish a ProNet before you do.

What does it cost to set up a ProNet?
You may be surprised. The cost to develop and maintain an interactive
ProNet is roughly equal to the cost of placing one or two trade ads a month.

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