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Who We Are: Technology Marketing Experts  

At Sanda, we advise our clients against putting unsubstantiated claims in their marketing materials. We take our own advice. We only claim to be technology marketing experts because we can back it up.

When you work with Sanda, you benefit from the experience of senior staff members who have been electronics technicians and engineers. Who have worked in high-level marketing positions at Cisco, Intel, Netscape and Sun. Who have consulted with technology companies around the world. This means that when you put Sanda to work on your marketing problems, we bring real technology street smarts to the table.

Part of that street smarts is understanding how technology products are brought to market. It's not unusual for our clients to have complicated sales channels that include:

  • dealers who buy direct from the manufacturer
  • dealers who buy from distributors who stock the manufacturer's products that are appropriate for distribution
  • manufacturers' reps, who exert a strong influence over dealers and end users within their territories and who sometimes carry product lines from competing manufacturers
  • architects, engineers and consultants who are involved in the design and specification of systems that use our clients' products

Many technology companies have chosen Sanda. Some you probably know, like General Electric, Nikon and Microsoft. Others you probably don't, like Tripod Data Systems, the leader in software for surveyors. Large and small, they have taken advantage of Sanda's technology expertise.

From the first day of its existence, Sanda Communications has focused on technology. Today, more than 12 years later, we're still excited about promoting the products and services that are shaping a new world.

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