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How We Do It: How We Design  

Designing "inside the box"

Many classic principles of effective design apply to marketing technology products and services: Make it memorable. Make it persuasive. Make it distinctive. Create work that carves through media clutter and sticks to your prospect's brain.

When designing for technology-driven products, we put more emphasis on certain areas, like organization. It's critical that the graphic design and media design be clearly organized to support technical content. It's our goal to help your prospects understand your message clearly and quickly. That's why a lot of our work includes illustrations, diagrams, graphs and animations that communicate the benefits and features of our clients' technologies.

We enjoy working with our clients to come up with unexpected concepts that help establish them as leaders in the marketplace. However, when a company has a well-established corporate identity—whether we created it or not—we are conscientious about using our creativity to produce work that fits within the established standards. We don't fight the constraints; we use them as a lens to focus our creativity.

We don't mind designing "inside the box."

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