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Project Portfolio

What have we been up to lately? Find out about our latest projects, including successful product launches plus print, interactive and video projects.


An interview with VP Scott McCannell shows how Sanda used video to explain a complex new technology. Learn why $1,000 per minute is not an accurate way to estimate video costs—and how script, graphics, talent, editing and direction determine both the cost and the quality of the finished product.

See how Sanda fit 10 years of projects and several dozen employees into something tangible for CSG Professional Services' 10th anniversary party.


Sanda turns the benefits of fiber-optic transmission into a memorable package for a security industry trade show.

A combination of advertising and public relations—plus a really cool product—creates a wave of positive exposure for the TDS Recon.


Sanda creates an eye-catching interactive Flash presentation in record time to show how Supra's new iBox and eKEY products give real estate professionals wireless access to listings, key boxes, client and property information.

GE's VideoIQ™ technology actually distinguishes human activity from other motion. Sanda developed a complete product launch, with advertising, product literature and online promotion—including an e-mail blast that generated 9X the standard response rate.




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