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Debbie Pierce  

Art Director

Debbie is a native of Corvallis with a B.S. degree from Oregon State University and an associate degree from Linn-Benton Community College in digital imaging/prepress technology. After graduation Debbie went to work for The Corvallis Gazette-Times in a newly created position, scanning technician. In addition to doing all the scanning and corrections of photos and art, she did layout, design, prepress and even wrote the popular pet column “Speak!”

In a strategic move Sanda lured Debbie away from the newspaper in an unprecedented “two for one” deal since she usually attends work with a puppy-in-training.

Debbie brings valuable gifts such as life experience (a polite way of saying she's old), a sense of humor (important when you are constantly housebreaking puppies), and the ability to play well with others. When she is not at work or outside with the puppy, she is usually attending dog agility trials with her husband, Bart, and their dogs, Kobie, Pulse, Bling! and Kash.

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