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Julia Oliver  

Account Executive


Even before Julia joined Sanda, we admired her can-do attitude. You should see her put that attitude to work for our clients. They love it. That's why we don't really mind that she has a degree in communications (She graduated with honors from Pacific U.) and likes to spend her time at industry association meetings, conferences and after-hours advertising events schmoozing … er "communicating."

Julia is Sanda's "oldest" employee. She joined the Corvallis crew in 1998 to help get us organized. Now she works remotely keeping Sanda's clients organized and making sure the snail-assed creatives get her projects done on time and don't spend too much time doing it. But wait, there's more. She runs. She bikes. She Rollerblades®. She hikes, swims, snowboards and lifts weights. Pile on the time she spends as managing editor of the Software Association of Oregon's monthly newsletter, and she now finds it hard to donate her time to charities. So instead she donated her hair to children with cancer.

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