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Josh Hammer  

Account Executive

In his diverse career, Josh Hammer has had to be an IT professional, a businessman and a diplomat. All skills that have proven useful as a Sanda account executive.

As the global operations manager for a film and video production company, Josh had a hand in the technological, creative and business sides of the operation. He produced marketing, training, trade show and other videos for Hewlett-Packard and other Fortune 500 companies from around the world, worked with Microsoft, Real Networks and others to bring streaming video technology into the mainstream, and increased the company's revenues 20-fold over a six-year period. We expect the same results here, of course.

Josh knows all about meeting deadlines, having done it on a daily basis as news director at KBVR and executive news producer at KROZ. Josh also taught video production at Oregon State University. There, he not only covered basic production values and artistic techniques; he also stressed the importance of professionalism, communication and project management. And he practices what he preaches with Sanda's clients.

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