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Scott G. McCannell  

Vice President and Creative Director

"Scott believes in action," says Randie Shapiro, a veteran of Cisco, Sun and Netscape. "He's really a marketing swashbuckler. To him, indecision is dangerous. Because he grasps the marketing challenges and the lay of the marketing land, he can leap to an immediate solution—and be dead on. Bigger agencies take more time to adjust to market needs and market changes."

One of Scott's weapons of choice is direct marketing. Because he is so passionate about it, he not only stays in touch with newest trends, but he pores over century-old texts looking for ways to use effective-but-forgotten techniques to boost the returns clients get for their marketing dollars. And to make sure the returns are there, Scott ensures that the tools to measure response are in place. Sanda's clients can rest assured knowing they have someone in the direct marketing know leading the way.

Fourteen years of serving technology companies has given Scott a strong technology marketing background. He speaks the language, understands the marketing challenges, and knows the tools to use to meet those challenges. Even after one of Sanda's clients was acquired by a fortune 100 company, Scott and Sanda continue too help them brand and market the organization—with even bigger stakes—and other business units of the parent company have taken advantage off Scott's and Sanda's capabilities. Regardless of your company's size, Scott's technology marketing expertise and his ability to grasp the challenges you face will help the Sanda team build marketing programs that have real impact.

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