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Sam Womack  

IT Administrator

Sam originally came to Sanda as an intern to work on a computer-related client project. He did a great job—and proved adept at fixing IT-related problems in house. So we brought him back when he resumed his studies in electronic engineering at Oregon State University in 2003.

Now Sanda’s full-time IT administrator, Sam has been restructuring our electronic infrastructure so we can be more productive and improve the process for working with and archiving client projects in internal files. Of course, computers being what they are, you’ll sometimes hear his name called plaintively when somebody’s program has crashed or they’ve lost their Internet connection. So it’s nice to know Sam can usually troubleshoot and fix such problems quickly.

Outside of school and work, you'll find Sam in the air, exploring mountains and remote terrain from his Cessna 172. Or he might be in his shop tinkering with cars and electronics.

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